Mechanics Institute Eccleshill

01274 449 498

Bistro MI

Saturday evenings from seven p.m.

Pre-booking Only


Due to current lockdown and coronavirus restrictions all Bistro Dates are currently suspended. If you need to know anything please email

Just as soon as it is safe to do so, we will be back up and running with a new menu and looking forward to seeing our regular diners again.

#staysafe #stayfed

Our Passion

We not only have a passion for keeping the doors of the Mechanics Institute open, but also providing the best of food supported by an enjoyable dining experience in this, your old traditional building, and all at an affordable price.

We may all be volunteers, but we are serious at what we do. Why not come along to one of our Bistro Nights, you will not be disappointed.


The Mechanics Institute has served the people of Eccleshill for 150 years by various means, whether as a cinema, a library, or just a meeting place. As of 2018, we do not believe the Mechanics Institute has before provided a Bistro to the people of Eccleshill and beyond.

It is the passion of the current Directors to ensure the Institute remains modern and focused providing services that the locals need.

From £3.00

Range of tasty

Soups, Grills, salads.

From £8.00

Main Courses

Such as:
Calvados & Apple Dressed Pork, Creamy Chicken Breast.

Come along
meet and eat with us - you will not be disappointed

Delicious Food
Great Company

Not to mention.....
the great value & helping to keep those doors open!


As we do not employ anyone, and the Bistro will operate only one Saturday evening per month, then we do not have full time staff that are readily available to take bookings. If you wish to book, you can pop in to the Mechanics Institute Monday to Saturday morning and leave a message and one of us will call you back. Alternatively, you can email the Bistro and we will call you to confirm.

We have a limited licensed bar for bottled beers, wines. Soft drinks will also be available.
Bistro MI is a not for profit restaurant run entirely by volunteers for the benefit of the Mechanics Institute. All profits raised through serving fine wine and food at the Bistro will be used for the benefit of the Eccleshill community ensuring the doors of the Mechanics Institute remain open to all.